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Findinity is the simple way to find one or more person that have a common event in the past, they don't know the name or e-mail of each others, they know only when and where happenned the event. One event is unique, because is in one moment and in one space in the world.

Findinity is this ! A database where it's possible to put own details about time and space (latitude and longitude) of this event in order to meet one or more person with the same details.


  • Find people that you meet in your life but you don't know name, surname ect
    For example you know a wonderfull person ten years ago in a pub, but you never see again, you don't know his name. With Findinity you can find the latitude and longitude of that pub, type the date and hoping that wonderfull person make the same thing.
  • Find people that follow a public event in the past to remember the emotions
    For example you want contact people that have seen The Queen at Wembley to discuss about the concert. It's easy put the address of wembley, put the date and wait that someone will make tha same thing.
  • Find people that see strange event and you want share the opinion
    For example you see a U.F.O. and you think that you are crazy ? Try findinity put the latitude and longitude where the U.F.O is appears and the date, maybe someone see the same thing.
  • Find people .........ect.ect.ect

TO FIND ADDRESS, POSITION, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, is very easy thank you the google map API that you find on this web-site . You need only sign-up


For any suggestion or comment please contact me at info@findinity.com

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